Obstetrical Services
Women's Health and Wellness
We understand that for most women pregnancy is a time of excitement, anticipation, and good health.  Our goal is to guide you through a healthy pregnancy and a wonderful birth experience whenever possible.  You will have the opportunity to meet and get to know our staff during your prenatal visits - approximately 13 visits in a normal pregnancy.  We encourage spouses or other significant family members to attend any or all visits.

A normal, healthy pregnancy and delivery is everyone's goal, yet we know that any pregnancy can become complicated and some births may not go as planned. My expertise as Board Certified Obstetrician is providing care in these situations.

After delivery, postpartum care typically continues for six weeks.  Patients are encouraged to call the office during this time for questions about breastfeeding and symptoms of postpartum depression, among other things.  Six weeks after your delivery you will come in for your postpartum visit at which time you will be examined and your family planning needs will be addressed. 

Below is a list of obstetrical services we provide and conditions we evaluate and/or treat.  
Normal Prenatal Care
     -Office Sonography (including 4D)
     -Genetic Screening
     -Vaginal Delivery
     -Cesarean delivery

High Risk Prenatal Care
     -Advanced maternal age
     -Incompetent Cervix Cerclage
     -Preterm Labor
     -Multiple pregnancy / twin / triplets
     -Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
     -Gestational Diabetes